Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Sorry I haven't been updating much lately. Life is soooo busy right now with year end and all. I won't be on much for the next several weeks. I will continue updating my weight each week and checking in with you all. Take care! See you all soon.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Weigh in

Okay, I weighed today and I have lost a total on 10.4 pounds this last 5 weeks. I am a little proud of myself ( pats self on back) It sure is harder than it used to be. My goal for this week was 3 pounds. I only lost 2.6, of course I guess I could round that up and WhOOO HOOO that makes 3! I am interested in seeing what this next week will do, I am planning on hitting the treadmill every day as well. I bought a new ipod. I didn't own one before, but found it much easier to run with music. I should have it by the end of the week. I really want a rowing machine or a bowflex with the rowing attachment. I just hate the thought of laying the cash out for it. I am not only on a weight loss quest, but a debt loss quest. Maybe I should make a ticker for that. hmmmm..

Well have a blessed day!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Getting fit

So, I have been running on my treadmill everyday this week. I swear I absolutely hate trying to get into shape! Anyway, I feel tired but pretty good about it. I have been running the "baby" program that the system has. It is 20 minutes at 4.0 mph with a warm up and down phase. I was no way able to complete it on Sunday, but I did today! Of course, I sounded like I was dying....kinda felt like it too! I ran 1.2 miles. Yea me!! I havent done that in years! I am trying to lose 3 pounds this week. I will let you all know if my theory works.

Hope you all have a great day!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Hypothyroidism & Weight Loss

Okay, so I found this article on WW web site and found it to be helpful. Perhaps it will be helpful to someone else so I thought I would share it with you!

Hypothyroidism and Weight Management
By The Weight Watchers Research Department 4/14/2006-->

Modest weight gain is one of many symptoms associated with the development of hypothyroidism, a medical condition in which the thyroid gland produces too little thyroid hormone.
Thyroid hormone plays a role in the regulation of the body's metabolism. When the body's ability to produce the hormone is limited, there is a reduction in metabolism and subsequent weight gain can occur. Fluid retention is also linked with the development of hypothyroidism and can contribute to added weight. In addition to a reduced metabolism, weight gain prior to the diagnosis can be linked to a variety of factors, including increases in food intake, decreases in physical activity as the result of fatigue, and the aging process.
Hypothyroidism is a fairly uncommon condition, occurring in approximately 0.5% of the U.S. population.1 It is found more frequently in women and is diagnosed more often in both genders with advancing age. 2
Although some individuals gain a significant amount of weight, the average weight gain is around 5-10 pounds.3 Generally, the more severe the hypothyroidism, the greater the amount of weight gained.
Hypothyroidism Diagnosis and TreatmentHypothyroidism is diagnosed through a simple thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) blood test to verify the thyroid gland's condition. If TSH is elevated, it usually means that there is not enough thyroid hormone in the blood. The American Thyroid Association guidelines recommend that all adults have a TSH test done every five years beginning at age 35.4Hypothyroidism is treated by replacing the missing thyroid hormone on a daily basis with the drug levothyroxine (i.e. brand name – Synthroid™). Life-long therapy is needed, however, as relapses will occur if therapy is stopped. Periodic adjustments in the amounts of medication used are often needed to keep thyroid function at normal levels.
Hypothyroidism and Weight ManagementOnce thyroid function is restored, the ability to lose weight is the same as someone without the condition. However, it is not uncommon for those being treated for hypothyroidism to lose weight at a slightly slower rate. Adjusting weight-loss expectations to take this into account is an often recommended strategy for those working to lose the weight gained prior to the diagnosis of hypothyroidism.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Ok, well... I didnt lose any weight this week. I am still at a total of 7 pounds. How frustrating, I guess it is a sign that I am actually getting old.. hmmmm they always say it is harder the older you get. Or, it could be this whole thyroid issue...Or I could just admit that I need to work harder at it. Yea,, that's the ticket. I need to get on that treadmill more often. I just dont want to with the baby around because she will want to play with it and I don't want her to get hurt. Ahhhh, well I guess I will figure something out! Let me know if you have any ideas. ;o)

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